A wish to wish……

When she is born, her parents dream of a beautiful life partner for her…

She enters a life and makes everyone smile

A daughter so dear and a sister so near

A friend to treasure and a smile that measures 

A student to learn and a mentor to turn

She has a heart of gold and a soul so pure

She cooks with her heart and spreads happiness so far

Then comes a tym to pack her bags and forget all fears

She enters a new family with new relations

Mom to her husband becomes her mother

Dad to her husband becomes her father

And a gentleman who takes seven vows becomes her life partner 

A new phase starts with bigger responsibilities 

With a family of her own….

Dreaming so high

She promises to herself that she will change the life..

She gives life to freedom and names her  

 “angel ”

An angel of love 

An angel of happiness

An angel of fearlessness 

An angel of independence 

An angel which lives in every girl 

A dream of many that should be lived 

This is a wish that every girl wish to wish