A wish to wish……

When she is born, her parents dream of a beautiful life partner for her…

She enters a life and makes everyone smile

A daughter so dear and a sister so near

A friend to treasure and a smile that measures 

A student to learn and a mentor to turn

She has a heart of gold and a soul so pure

She cooks with her heart and spreads happiness so far

Then comes a tym to pack her bags and forget all fears

She enters a new family with new relations

Mom to her husband becomes her mother

Dad to her husband becomes her father

And a gentleman who takes seven vows becomes her life partner 

A new phase starts with bigger responsibilities 

With a family of her own….

Dreaming so high

She promises to herself that she will change the life..

She gives life to freedom and names her  

 “angel ”

An angel of love 

An angel of happiness

An angel of fearlessness 

An angel of independence 

An angel which lives in every girl 

A dream of many that should be lived 

This is a wish that every girl wish to wish


Story of Rani

Rani is an eight years old girl. She studies in Nagar Nigam Pratibha Vidyalaya. Her father is a rikshaw puller and her mother is a domestic helper. She studies in Class III.  She is one of the bright student of my class. During a PTM, I got an opportunity to meet her father. He told me that he had studied till class 5. What surprised me more was that he is the super hero of his daughter. He is the one who teaches her at home. Like every parent, he wants the best for his children. And, I am glad that his actions express his strong will power to achieve the same despite a lot of problems.

This girl and his father are role models to many. thier story inspires me a lot. We donot need money and so called resources to give right upbringing to our children. What we need is trust in ourselves and positive attitude.

I feel blessed to have you in my class, Rani.

You and your dad are a true inspiration to many.

  • Here is the picture of Rani. The girl with white hair band. 🙂